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General Chemistry Information

American Chemical Society Home Page
The American Chemical Society is an organization of all types of chemistry professionals. This page provides links to a variety of chemistry sites, including some of the sites listed below. You can search chemical topics from this home page.

The High School Hub's Chemistry Web Page

Links to a variety of chemistry and science web sites

General Chemistry Online

Links to a variety of chemistry web sites by Fred Senese, Frostburg State University

Chemistry Factoids.doc
A page created by the students in Chemistry 1 at California State University, Fresno. Links to the answers to chemical questions you never knew you had. Good place to look for ideas for a chemistry report.'s Chemistry page
Links to many sites with information in many areas of Chemistry. Good place to look for ideas for a chemistry report. Also a good place to look for information once you have selected a topic.

Links to chemical information sources on the internet from the US FDA
Chemistry links, chemical databases on the internet, chemistry and food links, chemical journals on the web, some links to chemical companies, and more

The Chemical Industry chemical information page
List of links to sources of Chemical Information

The Mad Science Network
Chemistry resources and answers to chemistry questions from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis.

HighWire Press
from Stanford University: searches scientific and medical journals. Many articles cost money but many are free

Chem Finder
Find out all about your favorite chemical. Vital statistics, facts, structure.

Chemical Information Page
Click on ChemIDplus for the database of chemical records, including lots of structures

Chemical Education/Educational Resourses

Area Chemistry Teachers Web Page
The Area Chemistry Teachers is a group of Twin Cities high school and college chemistry teachers sponsored by the Minnesota Section of the American Chemical Society

The Catalyst
Chemistry resources for Secondary Education

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The Institute for Chemical Education Home Page

From ICE at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

A magazine for high school chemistry students from the American Chemical Society. Issues from the last year or so are available at this site.

Chemistry and science links

Journal of Chemical Education Home Page

Chemistry animations and movies on the World Wide Web

Chemistry Education Association
Chemistry resources online. They also have a page of Chemistry links

Teacher Web Pages

Lois Fruen's Web Page
Lois Fruen teaches chemistry at Breck.

Lee Marek's Web Page
Lee Marek teaches chemistry in Naperville, Illinois and periodically performs chemistry demonstrations on David Letterman.

Environmental Chemistry

The Environmental Protection Agency
The United States government EPA web site. Includes a search function.

The Top 100 "Technological Screw-ups" of the 20th Century

Includes links to subjects like the Bhopal chemical explosion and the Chernobyl disaster

Chemistry Tutorials

Chem Tutor
Tutorials and review problems on many areas of chemistry

The Chem Team
Tutorials and review problems on many areas of chemistry

Chemistry Fun

Science is Fun
Professor Shakhashiri's web site (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Prof. Shakhashiri is renowned for his lively chemical demonstrations and promotion of the idea that chemistry IS fun.

Chemistry Songs
Set to familiar tunes by Flick Coleman at Wellesley College

Kitchen Scientist
A site with links to science experiments you can do at home

Inquiry in Action
A text you download for free with activities for teaching Chemistry and Physical Science concepts

Molecular Model Sites

Molecules 360
Molecules to rotate from the C​hemEd Digital Library

Alphabetical list of Chime molecules from Flick Coleman at Wellesley CollegeMolecules listed by central atom, formula and/or name
ChemID plus
A searchable database of chemical structures from the National Library of Medicine

Chemical structure of olestra. It's so ugly. You'll never eat another Pringle. Check it out.

Periodic Tables

American Chemical Society Periodic Table
Click on "Periodic Table" to get this animated table. The "group" bar enables you to highlight specific groups. Select the electron configuration tab to see the electron configuration of any element.

Dynamic Periodic Table
Click on an element to find out more about it.

Periodic Table Live
An interactive Periodic Table from the Journal of Chemical Education. Click on an element for a picture, video, and other information.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Periodic Table
on an element to learn more about it, including the history of its discovery. Includes elements 114, 116, and 118:

MIT Course 3.091 Periodic Table
Click on an element to learn more about it. The main page includes links to trends for periodic properties.

List of Periodic Tables
The Catalyst web site has links to many Periodic Tables.

Tom Lehrer singing the Periodic Table song
This site includes the words to the song plus links to information about elements

The IrYdium Project Periodic Table
A Periodic Table with an Energy Level Diagram filled with electrons for each element. Click on "Run the Applet." Then click on an element.

David's Whizzy Periodic Table
See the electrons orbiting in shells

Cupcake Periodic Table

Poetic Table of the Elements

AP Chemistry

The AP Chemistry Web site
links to sites with information about the Chemistry AP test

Steve Haderlie's AP Chemistry Resource Page
lots of resources for the Chemistry AP test

Lee Marek's AP Chemistry Stuff
Mr. Marek's detailed lecture notes by chapter. It's for the Masterton/Hurley textbook but the notes are great.

Descriptive Chemistry Teaching Site
Log on to this "research site" to practice predicting products for chemical reactions

The College Board AP Chemistry site
Instructions, topics covered, sample questions

Biology Sites

History of the Health Sciences World Wide Web Links

ChemEd 2005 Resources

Chime and Isis/Draw
download from MDL

download from ACD (Advanced Chemistry Development)

Google Tools
Flinn online Material Safety Data Sheets


Orbital hybridization

Condensation Reactions

Reaction Mechanisms