Chemistry Practice Problems with Answers

(Text: World of Chemistry, by Zumdahl, Zumdahl & DeCoste, 2007)

Chapter 3 Review:

Periodic Table and Simple Ionic Compounds.doc
Periodic Table and Simple Ionic Compounds - Answers.doc

Chapter 4 Practice Problems:

Naming Compounds.htm
Naming Compounds Answers.htm

Ionic nomenclature interactive quizzes.
Click the Formulas button to go from the name to the formula.
Click the Names button fto go from the formula to the name.

Chapter 5 Practice Problems:

Conversion Factor Problems.doc
Conversion Factor Problems - Answers.doc

Go to the bottom of this page for links to worksheets on Significant Figures, Scientific Notation and Metric Conversions

Chapters 6 & 7 Practice Problems:

Percent Composition and Empirical Formula.doc
Percent Composition and Empirical Formula - Answers.doc

Worksheet of mass mole conversions
Answers to Worksheet of mass mole conversions

Chapters 8 & 9 Practice Problems:

Writing and classifying reactions.htm
Writing and classifying reactions - Answers.htm

Determining whether a precipitate forms.htm
Determining whether a precipitate forms - Answers.htm

Stoichiometry - Answers.doc

Practice writing and balancing chemical equations
Stoichiometry Worksheet

Chapter 11: Electron Structure

Practice Quiz on electron configurations. Under Science, click on Elements. On the left, click the box for Electrons. Then select a Question Style.

Chapter 12: Covalent Bonding:

Web site with practice finishing Lewis structures
Molecules 360: Select a molecule from the "List of Molecules" menu on the right and see its Lewis structure and 3-D structure.

Chapter 13: Gas Laws practice problems

Gas Laws Practice Problems.doc
Gas Laws Practice Problems - Answers.doc

Ideal gas law problems
Partial pressure problems
Combined gas law problems

Chapter 14: Liquids and Solids

Relative Humidity Practice Problems.doc
Relative Humidity Practice Problems - Answers.doc

Chapter 15: Solutions

Dilution problems
"Quizzes" on a variety of types of solutions problems
"Quizzes" on solution stoichiometry (bottom of page)

Chapter 17: Equilibrium

LeChatelier's Principle problems from the ChemTeam
LeChatelier's Principle problems from ScienceGeek

Chapter 18: Oxidation-Reduction

Review problems for finding oxidation states, identifying which substance is oxidized or reduced and balancing redox equations
Here's a website for practicing balancing equations. First click "Balancing Redox Rxns" on the left. Then click "Practice." Click on an equation to choose it. Then drag reactants and products into the space to balance each 1/2 equation and change the number in the box. Click the arrow to check when you are done with each.

Chapter 20: Organic Chemistry

Animations of Condensation Reactions
From Lee Marek's web site, here's a way to remember the hydrocarbon prefixes. The first letter of each word in the following statement is the 1st letter of each of the 10 alkanes in order.
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