Period 8 Presentations

Upload your PowerPoint presentation below according to the following directions:
First you need to sign in to upload a file. Create a username and password.
Click "Edit this Page" above. Then make sure the cursor on the page is in the place where you want to insert your file. Also, make sure your PowerPoint file has a descriptive title that includes YOUR NAME and YOUR TOPIC. (For Example: Dr. G Demonstration.ppt) Click the "Insert Images and Files" icon in the row above. Make sure "Inserts the file" is selected. Under "Upload New File" click "Browse" to select your file and then click "Upload." The file will be added to the list of files inserted. Find your file and then double click the icon above your file's name to insert it. Close "Images and Files." Your inserted file will look like: ((file:Name_of_Presentation.ppt)). Click "Save."